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December 16, 2012

December Memory Verse:

  • "Jesus answered 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'" John 14:6

Read the Bible in a Year:

  • 3 Chapters a day and 5 Chapters on Sunday.


  • Christmas Care Tree items are due.

The Children's Christmas Surprise!

  • Next Sunday, December 23rd. Don't miss out!!!

Chairpersons and Coordinators:

  • In order to prepare the Annual Report for the Congregation meeting in January, reports need to be to Angie as soon as possible. Please e-mail to

Senior Adult Walk:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:00am

S.O.S. Suicide Support Group:

  • Monday at 6:50pm

Virtuous Women:

  • "The Joy Filled Life" Tuesday, October 30th - December 18th at 5:30pm in the Quads. Contact Janelle at 893-2215 or Angie at 293-2220 for more info.

Wednesday Night:

  • All Church Caroling. Come and join the fun!!! Cocoa and cookies following at the church. Bring a dozen cookies to share.

Women's Ministries:

  • Ladies Prayer Time: Monday Mornings at 9:30am
  • Sisters of Ruth: Wednesday at 11:30am
  • Women's Bible Study: Friday Mornings at 9:30am

Upward Basketball:

  • Coaches and Referees needed. Call Mike Roggie at 234-2311 for details.

Valet Parking:

  • If you would like to help contact Bill Wood, Terri Lind, or call the church office.

Nursery Volunteers Needed:

  • If you would like to help, contact Victoria Narcisse for information.

Send Nebraska Love to our Alaskan baby!!!

  • Aven Lee Bauman (Granddaughter of PK and Vicki) PO Box 143073 Anchorage, Alaska 99514. Registered at Target and Babies R Us. Ship gifts via internet or send gift cards. Contact Maurita 440-0338 or Marci 236-3324 with questions.


  • If you would like to provide a poinsettia to beautify the sanctuary this Christmas, please purchase one at your favorite florist and bring it to the church. Let Angie know for the bulletin your information regarding who it is in memory or celebration of.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services:

  • December 24th at 6pm and 10pm.

Christmas Dinner:

  • December 25th at 1pm. Meat, Potatoes and Drinks provided. Bring one or two sides and dessert and board games. Meals can be delivered in Kearney. Call Elena Schmidt at 237-2981.

December 30th:

  • One Worship Service at 10am. No Sunday School.

Christmas Care Tree:

  • The Christmas Care Tree items are due back to the church TODAY, 12/16. If you were unable to meet this deadline, please call Val Gwin at 390-9861 so she can finalize project details. Thank you to all who are participating in this project!

CD's & DVD's:

  • If you have ordered CD's or DVD's of services, please pick them up in the office. Thanks!!!


First Baptist Cares:

  • Please join us to encourage others in our church family and enjoy some fun fellowship. We meet in the Library, Wednesday nights at 7:00pm.
  • First Baptist Cares is seeking Military addresses of your loved ones. They can be state side or overseas. We also want e-mail addresses if you have them. We would like to encourage those who bravely serve our country. Thanks!!!

Promise Keepers:

  • Friday Promise Keepers, 11:30am, Saints Alive Room. Bring a sack lunch. Call Bill @ 440-1030 or Bob @ 893-9217.
  • Tuesday Promise Keepers meets the first and third Tuesdays at Rob Gwin's Home. Contact Rob for more info.

Christian Counseling:

  • First Baptist Counselor, Angie McDermott, holds a Master's degree in Counseling and is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner.  She has been with the Church since January of 1997. You can set up an appointment with Angie by calling (308) 293-2220


  • If you need to add a loved one to the prayer chain please call Kathy Adams at 440-2150 or e-mail to 

Sunday School Hour:

  • Young Adults Sunday School Class: We meet downstairs in the old youth room.
  • The College Sunday School Class meets in the Library
  • Friends Class: Meets in the Friends room and studies a variety of topics.
  • Saints Alive Class: Meets in the Saints Room.
  • Servants and Friends: We meet in the Gym and study a variety of topics.
  • Truth Seekers: We meet in the North East Quad Room.
  • Faith Builders Fellowship Group: We are studying the book "The Final Summit" by Andy Andrews. We meet in the SE Quad room.
  • Pathfinders 2: Ministry for middle agers (stage of life). Biblical principles applied weekly to today's family issues and current worldly events. All are welcome.
  • Starting in January in the Hope Class: Dr. Charles Stanley presents "In the School of Faith" a DVD series. Join us!
  • Unshackled: We meet in the SW Quad.
  • Agape Sunday School Class: "Parables and Other Bedtime Stories" led by Mark Malmkar.
  • Partners With Christ Class: "Impact of Women: How Women of the Bible Have Influenced Our Faith"
  • Young Adults Class: Join us for an hour of fellowship and study. We meet downstairs in the old youth room.
  • Bible Expo Class: We meet in the Lower Level.