Friday, March 27, 2015

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First Baptist Podcast

Subscribe to the Podcast:

To automatically get the weekly podcast downloaded to your computer, you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. 

You will first need to have iTunes installed on your computer (instructions below).


To Subscribe:

Click on the link to the right. From there you will have the option to subscribe to podcast, which means that your iTunes will update every week when a message is posted. You only need to do this once and all future podcasts will automatically be sent to your iTunes program.

Click here to subscribe to our podcast.

Downloading iTunes

Need iTunes? Follow these simple instructions: 

  1. Visit the Apple website 
  2. Download the free iTunes program
  3. You'll likely need to re-start your computer for everything to function properly
  4. Once you've successfully installed iTunes, see the instructions above
    to subscribe to the official First Baptist podcast!