Sunday, March 29, 2015

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This group includes all youth who are currently in grades 6-12.

Our purpose is simply this:  'To glorify God at all times.'

We want to give every youth who comes here the opportunity to fellowship together, while focusing on why we are here; to learn more about God, and how we can serve Him in our world.  Our hope is that all youth will come to know the Lord in a real way, and be given an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Him.  A variety of activities are offered throughout the week, not to burn out the youth, but to give them every opportunity to take part.

Following is a list of our activities and a brief description of each.

Sunday School - A variety of materials are used to help youth relate the Bible to their lives.

Wednesday - This is our Bible Study night for the whole family.  During this time we sing, fellowship, learn and pray. Learning is done with a variety of games, activities and studies.

Thursday - Senior High youth have the opportunity to go out for lunch with the youth pastor.  Transportation is provided from school and back in the church van.  BYOB (bring your own bucks)!



Sunday Worship Services:

8:00 am & 11:00 am
Sunday School:
9:30 am
Wednesday Night:
7:00 pm