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The Hope of the Cross   IV


Luke 7:11-17

v.11 Soon afterward, Jesus went to Nain.

v.12 As he approached the town gate,

        a dead person was being carried out –

        the only son of his mother, and she a widow.

v.13 When the Lord saw her,

        his heart went out to her … “Don’t cry.”

v.14 Then he went up and touched the coffin …

        He said, “Young man, I say to you get up!”

v.15 The dead man sat up and began to talk …

v.16 … “God has come to help his people.”


The Hope of the Cross

The people said “God has come to help his people.”

1- The Heart of God -

     there is no greater symbol of “the heart of God”

                                                                        than the cross!!!

2- The Compassion of Christ

     there is not greater symbol of “the compassion of

                                                          Christ” than the cross!!!

3- “God has come to help his people” !!!