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                           God Along the Way

Deut. 6:10-19                                            Feb. 23, 2014

I. Love Remembers (6:10-12)

          A. We are tempted to forget the past or twist it.

          B. Have you forgotten the excitement that you had in your conversion?             

          C. Set up times to remember.

II. Remember that God is to be feared (6:13-16)

          A. There are fears that align with a fear of God.

          B. God is worthy to be jealous.

          C. A healthy fear approaches God in humble love.  

III. Take the good road (6:17-19)

          A. For the Israelites it led into the Promised Land.

          B. We walk the road of the Spirit

Discussion Questions:

1) What do you fear in life? 

2) How can you set up a time to remember what God has done in your life?

3) Why is God jealous for us?

4) How has God changed the road you’re on?