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                                                              The Greatest Book III

                                                         CONCEPT OF SECTIONS & TITLES

LAW                                        HISTORY                                          POETRY                                        PROPHETS

(right & wrong)              (God & people)                         (words of the heart)              (speak for God & tell the future)

Genesis                                     Joshua                                               Job                                     Isaiah                     Hosea

Exodus                                     Judges                                                Psalms                               Jeremiah                 Joel

Leviticus                                  Ruth                                                   Proverbs                            Lamentations        Amos

Numbers                                1&2Samuel                                         Ecclesiastes                        Ezekiel                    Obadiah

Deuteronomy                        1&2 Kings                                           Song of Songs                    Daniel                     Jonah

                                                1&2Chronicles                                                                                                                Micah

                                                 Ezra                                                                                                                                Nahum

                                                 Nehemiah                                                                                                                      Habakkuk

                                                 Esther                                                                                                                             Zephaniah



                                                                                    ( written over 1000 year)                                                           Malachi   


The Greatest Book

Threads of truth that go thru the OT

1- God wants to be close to you

          Genesis 2:15          I Kings 8:10

          Exodus 25:8           Psalm 23:6

2- God wants good for you

          Genesis 2:9            Exodus 3:8

          Genesis 12:2          Jeremiah 29:11

3- There is a problem- what is it?

          Genesis 3:6            Deuteronomy 30:19

          Genesis 4:7            1 Kings 8:46


4- God wants to give you life- now and eternal

          Genesis 2:9            Ezekiel 47:12

          Psalm 1:1-3            Revelation 22:2

Story of Char

Story of a young man

Your Decision