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You Are Loved  V


John 20:1-9

V.1 Early on the first day of the week,

       while it was still dark,

       Mary Magdalene went to the tomb

       and saw the stone had been removed

V.8 Finally the other disciple,

       who had reached the tomb first…

       He saw and believed.

V.9 (They still did not understand from Scripture

       that Jesus had to rise from the dead.)


You Are Loved – some believe and some doubt

         *the troubled human condition!!!

A- The Condition of Thomas

          v.24 Thomas was not there

B- The Teaching and Power of Jesus

          9:1 a man blind since birth

        11:1 the illness and death of a friend

C- When you come to believe, life is transformed!

         the story of two men- Joseph and Nicodemus